Final Portfolio

I gathered my projects from the semester and added them to Power Point with my best work first. I added a simple border with the title at the bottom. I matched the color scheme of each slide with a color from the project image. I chose a simple san serif font. I created a simple landing and conclusion slide with a nice textured backgroudn to pull it all together. I wanted to send a message to companies seeking a new designer that I am a innovative designer wanted to work for them. I hope you enjoy all my projects!


Magazine Spread Project

I drew up a sketch first and then made a shape map from that in InDesign. I went with simplicity. I got overwhelmed by all the detail that could be added and decided it would be better with a few pictures and a white background. So after I made a simple shape map I edited my photos in Photoshop to make them blend into the white a little better instead of the edges being so harsh. I really like how those turned out. Next I Added a title and then the text. This is what I ended up with!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.18.51 PM

shape map magazine spread draft2shape map magazine spread draft3

Critique: I got feedback from a few classmates on facebook. They suggested I fix a few alignment problems with the text which I adjusted. They thought the images blended looked great. They also thought the second line of the title was a little hard to read because of the thin typography. I thought it was just hard to read because of the small image on facebook and that on the real size paper it was ok to read so I left it.

Fonts: Superclaredon Bold, Serif and Helvetica, San Serif

Image Sources:

Webpage Layout

11A_BeckySpaulding11A_ShapeMap_BeckySpauldingIMG_1194 (1)

Process: I first chose a company I wanted to create a webpage for, Scrappy Studio B. This is a company I started a while ago on Etsy and I thought it would be fun to create a webpage in case I wanted to expand my company one day. I made a few pictures with a digital scrapbook program and chose a color scheme, red and green. I sketched a simple layout on paper and then made the style guide in photoshop. I was then ready for the final product. I created different layers for all the different elements on the page, text, header, footer, images and backgrounds. My audience is to anyone who wants there photographs and memories preserved in a beautiful way.

Color Scheme: Complimentary (red and green)

Fonts: Avenir Next Heavy  (Slab San Serif) and Baskerville (Serif)

Images:  I created both images in the layout

Movie Poster

Movie Poster

Message/Audience: This movie is intended for the family audience. It is a fun comedy with some drama and excitement for families. The message I wanted to send was how we can get through times in our life when nothing seems under our control. When we are bewitched and need the help of our loved ones to regain control. This is how I feel in my life right now so I thought it was a great way to describe me.

Critique: I posted my image on facebook and got some good feedback. I had a small paragraph at the bottom describing the movie a little and had the actors listed. I was told it was very hard to read and to move it or get rid of it. I decided to get rid of it since it wasn’t a requirement. I was also told the sentence below the title was hard to read. Since this was part of the original picture I decided it was suitable enough.

Fonts: Luminari Regular (serif)

Images: I took the picture of myself. Here is the link to the background image, Ella Enchanted


A New Perspective


Taking these pictures and editing them was so much fun! I love how they turned out. Making the collage was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Figuring out the numeric size they all needed to be to fit the required pixel width was very difficult for me. I actually made a collage without the large tire picture on the right and without the title. I liked it better. I think in this case it doesn’t need a title with the word FORD on some of the pictures. I think that the title made it look less professional. Maybe I need to learn how to make the title look better in Photoshop but for now I liked it better without.

As far as editing, I did a lot of bringing down the highlights and boosting the color because I shot them early in the morning and the glare was pretty bad off of the tractor. After I figured out how to do those things I was very pleased with the outcome! I also really enjoyed blending two photos together to get the outcome of the first picture posted.

blended tractor

back view front half side view wheel tractor


LFC Photography Activity

Edited LR Pics-2

Outdoor Light


Edited LR Pics-5

Indoor Light


Edited LR Pics-3



Edited LR Pics-4



Edited LR Pics

Rules of Thirds


Edited LR Pics-6

Lead Room

I had so much fun taking these pictures and editing them in Lightroom! I could spend everyday editing pictures!

I went to a park near my house and took these fun pictures. The sky was luckily blue that day and was able to capture that blue sky in my outdoor light picture without much editing. The indoor picture took a few shots to get the lighting right but turned out great without much editing either.

The foreground and background pictures took me awhile to figure out how to get just right and took a little bit of editing to get the lighting right as well.

The rule of thirds picture is my son a some wooden steps. I struggled getting a good picture of him for a couple of reasons. First of all he is three… and second I kept getting an over exposed picture. Lightroom really helped with that and I was able to get the light toned down and the sharpness just right.

The same goes for the leadroom picture. His face was a little washed out but Lightroom was so helpful for that. The leadroom one is my favorite! I felt like I was able to get the colors to pop and the light just right.



Social Media Marketing

Company: Restoration Chiropractic

Objective: To educate the public about chiropractics

Strategy: Create a series of five Instagram posts with plan to share them also on Facebook. Three of those posts will be with the intent to educate and the other two will be to promote special offers or deals currently going on.

Company: The company I chose was my husband’s chiropractic business. His business is fairly new and really needs some great marketing to kick things off. I am not even close to “great” as I am learning but I thought I might as well put all these hours to good use for my husband and see if I can help. I have found in the past year, as my husband began this journey in the chiropractic business, that a large amount of the population don’t know very much about chiropractics. It has changed my life and I want to educate people about what chiropractics is and how it can change their life for the better.

Creation: I found three important facts about chiropractic that I wanted to educate people about and then found quality images that would help convey my message. I chose color schemes that went along with the images and chose two contrasting typefaces, one serif and the other sanserif. I created a focal point for each image and tried to have everything by unified on that point.

Critique: I received great feedback on Facebook from classmates as well as brother Stucki. Most of the critiques were centered on the text. I had too much text for an instagram post. This was tricky for me because I wanted to educate people on so many wonderful things but I was reminded to keep things simple and to the point and let the image combined with a few words speak volumes.


Here are my three posts along with my other two posts, that didn’t need to be related to my first three, in Instagram.

IMG_3389 IMG_3391 IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3395


Links to Images: bubble wrap phone children

Typography: Helvetica (regular and light); sans serif   Engravers MT; serif   Gill San; sans serif    Gill Sans Ultra bold; sans serif    American Typewriter; serif



Slide Design Project

Slide Design Powerpoint

Speaker’s Outline
Learning From Nature
  • Trees grow at a normal rate during seasons that are ideal
  • During seasons that are not ideal trees slow down their growth

Experiencing Turbulence?


  • Turbulence is…
  • Best to reduce speed minimize negative effects

Pace of Modern Life

  • Life is busy and it is easy to be busy
  • We often keep the same speed or speed up during times of stress and tragedy
  • Time to slow down

Wisdom in Simplicity

  • search for the best things, they are often the simpliest
  • simple truths of the gospel provide the answers to life’s most complex questions
  • There are four relationships that we should focus our time on

Relationship with God

  • God matters
  • We are His spirit children and He desires our happiness above all else
  • As we open our hearts to the Spirit our lives become more stable and secure
  • Learn of Him, and actively follow Him

Relationship with Family

  • Our family matters
  • Do simple things together
  • Establish a divine bond with each other

Relationship with our Fellowman

  • One person at a time
  • Be sensitive

Relationship with Ourselves

  • Reduce the rush and take a little extra time to get to know yourself better
  • Learn to see yourself and Heavenly Father sees you

Pathway to Peace

  • Strength comes from simple truth and light
  • Focus on what matters most and it will fill you with peace and joy


I found a talk I really liked by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and after reading it thought I would be able to find enough quality images to go along with it. My audience is to any adult or teenager who is wanted to simplify and better their hectic life in order to find more peace. I then sketch a few different layouts until I found one that would go with the images I wanted. I wrote up a speakers outline and picked out the main points to display on the slides. I came up with a color scheme and added the the pictures and typography to my slides.



I posted my project on I-learn for Bro. Stucki to critique as well as on Facebook where I received feedback from two classmates. Bro. Stucki noted that I need a third color to complete my color scheme. I added the red line to create a split complementary color scheme. He also noted that I should make the margins on the right side all the same and I adjusted them. It was suggested by a classmate that I should try and make the pictures all the same size so the margins on the left where the same as well but I found that I couldn’t make them the same size and keep the intent of the image that same so I kept the margins a little different on the left.

Link to Talk

Fonts Helvetica Bold & Light, Big Caslon

Links to Images Clock  Tree Airplane City Flower Heavenly Father Family Hands Sky Pathway



Event Flier

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 9.02.06 PM

Here is the project in Word, that I designed it in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.55.38 PM

Process: I wanted to do something for Christmas and immediately thought of Festival of Trees. My audience is families who celebrate Christmas or just enjoy holiday events and want to help toward a good cause. I wanted a picture of a tree to go along with the theme and thought it should resemble some Christmas colors to help people immediately know what kind of an event it was when they saw the flier. I created a box at the top and added a nice white contrast for the text to make it stand out. I added more boxes for text along the left side along the tree to keep the boxes aligned with the top ornament picture and the tree. I made the title two different fonts and two different colors to add contrast. I used a complimentary color scheme.

Critique: I posted my flier on Facebook and received some great feedback. Most of the critiques were about the color of my tree. I originally had it blue. I did that because according the choices of color schemes if I wanted to do red and green I couldn’t have a third color since red and green are complimentary. So I decided to have the tree blue and have a triadic color scheme, blue, yellow and red. Most people didn’t like the blue tree. It didn’t tie into anything else on the flier. I followed their suggestions and made the tree green even though technically it isn’t one of the color schemes. I like the tree green and think it looks like it fits in better than the blue tree.

Links to Image:

Font Name/Category: Title-Charter Black/Slab Serif & Avenir Light/San Serif     Body Copy: Avenir Light/San Serif



Tasteful Typography

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.15.38 AM

Here is the project in Word, that I designed it in.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.15.06 AM

Process: I wanted to send a message to an audience of students to inspire them to reach their full potential. I love the analogy of a door to reaching our potential and unlocking the talents and potential within us. I found an image of a door that I liked and a few quotes that went along with that analogy. I placed the image in Word and began creating text boxes for the title and quotes. I created a nice line against the quotes that would follow the line under the title to draw your eyes down along the three quotes. I added circles next to the title to repeat the circle pattern from the door hinges. I put the colors green, blue and orange in the project to add contrast with the split complimentary color scheme. I also added contrast between the title and body copy with different fonts and sizes. I also added contrast with the fonts between the quotes and their authors. I took a screen shot of the picture, saved it as a PDF and also as a JPG.

Critique: I received wonderful critiques from two classmates and my instructor. I was advised to align the orange line with quotes by extending the quotes down to the bottom of the line. I was also advised to make the quotes larger in size so they were more easily read from a distance. I was advised to contrast the quotes and their authors by changing the font of one of them to a serif. I feel all these increased the tastefulness of my project and I am very grateful for their help. There were a few other little things that were suggested that I decided to not change.

Links to image:

Font Name/Category: Title: Engravers MT, modern   Body Copy: Quote-Helvetica, san serif    Author-Engravers MT, modern