Slide Design Project

Slide Design Powerpoint

Speaker’s Outline
Learning From Nature
  • Trees grow at a normal rate during seasons that are ideal
  • During seasons that are not ideal trees slow down their growth

Experiencing Turbulence?


  • Turbulence is…
  • Best to reduce speed minimize negative effects

Pace of Modern Life

  • Life is busy and it is easy to be busy
  • We often keep the same speed or speed up during times of stress and tragedy
  • Time to slow down

Wisdom in Simplicity

  • search for the best things, they are often the simpliest
  • simple truths of the gospel provide the answers to life’s most complex questions
  • There are four relationships that we should focus our time on

Relationship with God

  • God matters
  • We are His spirit children and He desires our happiness above all else
  • As we open our hearts to the Spirit our lives become more stable and secure
  • Learn of Him, and actively follow Him

Relationship with Family

  • Our family matters
  • Do simple things together
  • Establish a divine bond with each other

Relationship with our Fellowman

  • One person at a time
  • Be sensitive

Relationship with Ourselves

  • Reduce the rush and take a little extra time to get to know yourself better
  • Learn to see yourself and Heavenly Father sees you

Pathway to Peace

  • Strength comes from simple truth and light
  • Focus on what matters most and it will fill you with peace and joy


I found a talk I really liked by Dieter F. Uchtdorf and after reading it thought I would be able to find enough quality images to go along with it. My audience is to any adult or teenager who is wanted to simplify and better their hectic life in order to find more peace. I then sketch a few different layouts until I found one that would go with the images I wanted. I wrote up a speakers outline and picked out the main points to display on the slides. I came up with a color scheme and added the the pictures and typography to my slides.



I posted my project on I-learn for Bro. Stucki to critique as well as on Facebook where I received feedback from two classmates. Bro. Stucki noted that I need a third color to complete my color scheme. I added the red line to create a split complementary color scheme. He also noted that I should make the margins on the right side all the same and I adjusted them. It was suggested by a classmate that I should try and make the pictures all the same size so the margins on the left where the same as well but I found that I couldn’t make them the same size and keep the intent of the image that same so I kept the margins a little different on the left.

Link to Talk

Fonts Helvetica Bold & Light, Big Caslon

Links to Images Clock  Tree Airplane City Flower Heavenly Father Family Hands Sky Pathway




5 thoughts on “Slide Design Project

  1. I loved this talk also by President Uchtdorf. I didn’t not see your original version of your presentation, but I do like the way you made all the pictures have the same margin on the right side. That looks great. Your color scheme is perfect and I like the red line under all of the text boxes. I also like the way you bolded the last word of your text in every slide. Great presentation.


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