Social Media Marketing

Company: Restoration Chiropractic

Objective: To educate the public about chiropractics

Strategy: Create a series of five Instagram posts with plan to share them also on Facebook. Three of those posts will be with the intent to educate and the other two will be to promote special offers or deals currently going on.

Company: The company I chose was my husband’s chiropractic business. His business is fairly new and really needs some great marketing to kick things off. I am not even close to “great” as I am learning but I thought I might as well put all these hours to good use for my husband and see if I can help. I have found in the past year, as my husband began this journey in the chiropractic business, that a large amount of the population don’t know very much about chiropractics. It has changed my life and I want to educate people about what chiropractics is and how it can change their life for the better.

Creation: I found three important facts about chiropractic that I wanted to educate people about and then found quality images that would help convey my message. I chose color schemes that went along with the images and chose two contrasting typefaces, one serif and the other sanserif. I created a focal point for each image and tried to have everything by unified on that point.

Critique: I received great feedback on Facebook from classmates as well as brother Stucki. Most of the critiques were centered on the text. I had too much text for an instagram post. This was tricky for me because I wanted to educate people on so many wonderful things but I was reminded to keep things simple and to the point and let the image combined with a few words speak volumes.


Here are my three posts along with my other two posts, that didn’t need to be related to my first three, in Instagram.

IMG_3389 IMG_3391 IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3395


Links to Images: bubble wrap phone children

Typography: Helvetica (regular and light); sans serif   Engravers MT; serif   Gill San; sans serif    Gill Sans Ultra bold; sans serif    American Typewriter; serif




2 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing

  1. I like this project! I have gone to the chiropractor for much of my life and it is true that a lot of people don’t know much about chiropractics. I like your designs and I think they are a great idea for your husband’s business. I do think the text may be a little small, especially on the text neck one. If I were to see this on my phone, which is where I primarily see Instagram, I might not be able to read it very well. I love the design though.

    Here’s a link to Heidi’s blog post:


  2. Great job on your marketing project. I don’t live in California, but I wanted to go for the free massage and adjustment. The colors were good and typography looks good. I really like the information I received, I feel like I was educated on some of the aspects of Chiropractics. In all, I think the advertisement would pull people in.


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