LFC Photography Activity

Edited LR Pics-2

Outdoor Light


Edited LR Pics-5

Indoor Light


Edited LR Pics-3



Edited LR Pics-4



Edited LR Pics

Rules of Thirds


Edited LR Pics-6

Lead Room

I had so much fun taking these pictures and editing them in Lightroom! I could spend everyday editing pictures!

I went to a park near my house and took these fun pictures. The sky was luckily blue that day and was able to capture that blue sky in my outdoor light picture without much editing. The indoor picture took a few shots to get the lighting right but turned out great without much editing either.

The foreground and background pictures took me awhile to figure out how to get just right and took a little bit of editing to get the lighting right as well.

The rule of thirds picture is my son a some wooden steps. I struggled getting a good picture of him for a couple of reasons. First of all he is three… and second I kept getting an over exposed picture. Lightroom really helped with that and I was able to get the light toned down and the sharpness just right.

The same goes for the leadroom picture. His face was a little washed out but Lightroom was so helpful for that. The leadroom one is my favorite! I felt like I was able to get the colors to pop and the light just right.




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