A New Perspective


Taking these pictures and editing them was so much fun! I love how they turned out. Making the collage was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Figuring out the numeric size they all needed to be to fit the required pixel width was very difficult for me. I actually made a collage without the large tire picture on the right and without the title. I liked it better. I think in this case it doesn’t need a title with the word FORD on some of the pictures. I think that the title made it look less professional. Maybe I need to learn how to make the title look better in Photoshop but for now I liked it better without.

As far as editing, I did a lot of bringing down the highlights and boosting the color because I shot them early in the morning and the glare was pretty bad off of the tractor. After I figured out how to do those things I was very pleased with the outcome! I also really enjoyed blending two photos together to get the outcome of the first picture posted.

blended tractor

back view front half side view wheel tractor



4 thoughts on “A New Perspective

  1. Hi Becky! I love your collage! My favorite thing about it is your awesome subject. The tractor is so cool looking. The rust color with the yellow is just so nice together and I agree with you about the title. You had to throw something in there to fulfill the requirement, but the Ford signs look better than any official title. Old things like this make the most interesting subjects in photographs. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Becky,
    I LOVE your collage. What great pictures and it makes me think of farming and how much I wish I lived wherever you took these photos. Is this your tractor? Your farm? You chose great angles and the yellow color is fabulous. You did a great job on your blended picture with the whispy tall grass in front of the tractor. I also agree with you that the title doesn’t seem necessary but since it was part of the assignment, I think you put it in the best available location.


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