Movie Poster

Movie Poster

Message/Audience: This movie is intended for the family audience. It is a fun comedy with some drama and excitement for families. The message I wanted to send was how we can get through times in our life when nothing seems under our control. When we are bewitched and need the help of our loved ones to regain control. This is how I feel in my life right now so I thought it was a great way to describe me.

Critique: I posted my image on facebook and got some good feedback. I had a small paragraph at the bottom describing the movie a little and had the actors listed. I was told it was very hard to read and to move it or get rid of it. I decided to get rid of it since it wasn’t a requirement. I was also told the sentence below the title was hard to read. Since this was part of the original picture I decided it was suitable enough.

Fonts: Luminari Regular (serif)

Images: I took the picture of myself. Here is the link to the background image, Ella Enchanted



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