Magazine Spread Project

I drew up a sketch first and then made a shape map from that in InDesign. I went with simplicity. I got overwhelmed by all the detail that could be added and decided it would be better with a few pictures and a white background. So after I made a simple shape map I edited my photos in Photoshop to make them blend into the white a little better instead of the edges being so harsh. I really like how those turned out. Next I Added a title and then the text. This is what I ended up with!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.18.51 PM

shape map magazine spread draft2shape map magazine spread draft3

Critique: I got feedback from a few classmates on facebook. They suggested I fix a few alignment problems with the text which I adjusted. They thought the images blended looked great. They also thought the second line of the title was a little hard to read because of the thin typography. I thought it was just hard to read because of the small image on facebook and that on the real size paper it was ok to read so I left it.

Fonts: Superclaredon Bold, Serif and Helvetica, San Serif

Image Sources:


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