Final Portfolio

I gathered my projects from the semester and added them to Power Point with my best work first. I added a simple border with the title at the bottom. I matched the color scheme of each slide with a color from the project image. I chose a simple san serif font. I created a simple landing and conclusion slide with a nice textured backgroudn to pull it all together. I wanted to send a message to companies seeking a new designer that I am a innovative designer wanted to work for them. I hope you enjoy all my projects!


4 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Hi Becky, your final portfolio looks wonderful! You have some very awesome designs in there! I love your photography project, it is my absolute favorite. I also love the colors you chose and the texture really adds to the design. You are a talented designer and I am super impressed with your final project.


  2. Becky,
    First…I love the first and last page. The texture you chose is so realistic and it makes me want to touch the computer screen because I am sure to be able to feel swirls on my hand.
    Second…my favorite piece of art you’ve created this semester is your photography piece. I don’t know exactly why, but I love the pictures because it makes me wish I had an old tractor (and lived somewhere I would need a tractor).
    Third…I also like that you have the bars on the bottom and left side that match each picture as you go throughout your slideshow. Everything is very consistent and classy.
    Great designing this semester.


  3. There is not a bad project in here. Your movie poster is so cute. I love your photography project. Your pictures were excellent. Your portfolio showed off your work perfectly.


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